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The Woodburn Story

The legend of the phoenix is one of life and death, creation and destruction, birth and rebirth. As ancient texts tell the story, the phoenix lives for thousands of years before going out in a fiery blaze of glory. It then rises from the ashes, renewed and reborn.


At Woodburn Brewing we look to the phoenix as an inspiration. We find the good in all things and all people. It also symbolizes the rebirth of the Cincinnati brewing legacy over the last 100 years. We raise a glass to Cincinnati brewing heritage one pint at a time.


The Woodburn Mission

Woodburn Brewing is proud to bring quality craft beer, cider, seltzers, sprits, cocktails and food to the East Walnut Hills / Woodburn neighborhoods. We strive to be a central meeting place and community hub for all residents and visitors alike.

We are happy to help elevate the Woodburn neighborhood by being good neighbors and working with the community to help those in need and continue to make East Walnut Hills an amazing place to live and play.

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