Woodburn Brewing features spirits made by Cincinnati Distilling. Just like our beer we pride ourselves on serving up locally produced spirits.

Bourbon Selection​

Cincinnati Distilling Ohio Straight Bourbon - 90 Proof

This two year old Ohio Bourbon is medium bodied with notes of vanilla, spiced oak and caramel. Gold Medal winner in the US Open Whiskey and Spirits championship!​

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $39.99

Cincinnati Distilling Single Barrel Straight Bourbon - 122 Proof


We saved select special barrels of our bourbon during the aging process for our Single Barrel program. All of our Single Barrel Bourbons are 2 years old unless otherwise stated and are also barrel proof.​

0.5oz - $4 // 1.5oz - $10 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $54.99

Cincinnati Distilling Cincinnati High Rye Bourbon - 90 Proof

We amped up the rye in our standard bourbon grain bill to 35% rye giving our smooth Ohio Straight Bourbon that rye spice that you know and love. Drink it straight or throw it in a Sazerac!

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $39.99

Cincinnati Distilling Cask Edition Bourbons - 90 Proof

Our Cask Edition Bourbons are a very special project that our distiller set out on a few years ago. We decided to start playing around with some barrel finishing on our Bourbon line and the results were stellar. Our first ever Cask Edition we finished in March First Brewing Imperial Stout barrels and we took home a gold medal in the US Open Whiskey Championships! We've since done a coffee cask edition with La Terza Coffee, Peanut Butter, Maple, and Hot Sauce barrels! Ask your bartender what bottles are available.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $9 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $45.99

Whiskey Selection​

Cincinnati Distilling American Whiskey - 90 Proof

This 10 year whiskey is easy drinking with notes of butterscotch and undertones of vanilla, oak and caramel. Bronze Medal winner in the US Open Whiskey and Spirits championship!

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $39.99

Cincinnati Distilling Single Barrel Blue Label American Whiskey - 106 Proof

As we taste our barrels during the aging process we hold back really special ones for our Single Barrel program. These barrels are only worthy of our Blue Label.

0.5oz - $5 // 1.5oz - $12 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $79.99

Cincinnati Distilling Fire Brigade Cinnamon Whiskey - 68 Proof

Our Fire Brigade Cinnamon Whiskey is made with real crushed cinnamon sticks to give you an authentic cinnamon aftertaste.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $21.99

Cincinnati Distilling Honey Whiskey - 68 Proof

We took our famous 10 year American Whiskey and blended in over 100lbs of honey straight from Don Popp's Honey Farm in Oxford, Ohio. The result is a smooth and sweet whiskey that is easy drinking and goes great in coffee, tea or straight.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $21.99

Cincinnati Distilling Cincinnati Rye Whiskey - 90 Proof

Cincinnati Rye Whiskey brings everything that you know and love from a good rye whiskey and amps it up even more. The rye spices hit you up front while a citrus backbone brings up the back end. It's great for drinking straight, and even more amazing in your favorite cocktail.​

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $39.99

Cincinnati Distilling Ohio Malt Whiskey - 90 Proof

Our malt whiskey is 100% distilled from beer from March First and FigLeaf Brewing! Why let beer to to waste? Two years ago we began saving beer that would have otherwise go out of code. Instead of dumping it like a lot of breweries do we started distilling it. We aged it in barrels for 2 years and here we are with the first batch! You might get some of the subtle hop and malt characteristics of the beers used to make it. If you're looking for a truly unique Ohio whiskey look no further.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $39.99

Cincinnati Distilling White Lightning - 90 Proof

Everyone needs to ride the lightning every once in a while. This is our unaged American Whiskey mash bill completely unaged.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $19.99

Other Spirits

Voltage Vodka - 80 Proof


A pure vodka that is smooth with a silky mouthfeel. Subtle undertones of vanilla and apple. Gluten Free.​

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $18.99 // 1L bottle (carryout) $24.99 (Not available yet)

Cooper Island Premium White Rum - 80 Proof


Smooth bodied, undertones of honey and vanilla, notes of molasses and tropical fruit.

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $14.99

Red Sky American Dry Gin - 80 Proof


A classic American dry gin made with juniper berry, angelica root, caraway and coriander. 

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $19.99 (Not available yet

Silver Rebellion Agave Spirit - 90 Proof


Distilled from Blue Agave, Silver Rebellion boasts a classic citrusy sweetness that's perfect for sipping or using in your favorite cocktail.​

0.5oz - $3 // 1.5oz - $7 // 750ml bottle (carryout) $23.99

Cocktail Menu

Draft Cocktails $10

Woodburn Old Fashioned

Cincinnati Bourbon, Habanero Honey, Bitters

Merchant's Sacarac

Cincinnati Rye Bourbon, Demerara, Coffee Bitters, Absinthe

Shaken Cocktails $11

Ghost of Kemper

Voltage Vodka, Ghost Pepper Yellow Chartreuse, Ginger, Lime

John Legend Eats Salad For Breakfast

Red Sky Gin, Lime, Simple Syrup, Jalapeno, Tomato, Cucumber

El Chupacabra

Silver Rebellion Agave, Grapefruit, Lime, Demerara, Red Wine, Ginger, Smoke

Bulltop Stormalong

Cooper Island Rum, Lemon, Demerara, Pineapple, Aperol, Blueberries 

Pecos Bill

Cincinnati American Whiskey, Lemon, Habanero Honey, Hellfire Bitters, Egg White